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"The Name Matheran means either "forest on top" or "mother forest". It was discovered by Hugh Malet in 1850. At an elevation of around 800m (2,625 ft) above sea level. A hill stsation located about 90 kms from Mumbai, it literally means heaven on top.

Mathern is a visal beauty with lush greenery, waterfalls and beautiful lakes. Matheran is an immensely picturesque, highly relaxing & stress buster destination. The air is very clean and the place very peaceful. The roads are not tarred and are made of red laterite earth. The only modes of transport are on horseback, by man-pulled rickshow, or on foot.

These panoramic vistas, by day and night, leave you feeling light-headed. The Hart Point offers a view of the lights of Mumbai at night! All of Matheran is a series of such quixotically named points that are popular, if isolated, sites for picnics and fireside revelry at night.

Charlotte Lake, the Panthers’ Caves and the Paymaster Park are other attractions, especially for children. The old world charm of the British and Parsi homes is an irresistible draw. The main bazaar offers a variety of items such as cane and leather articles, hats, chappals and the sinfully sweet speciality – CHIKKI !

Honey Moon Point: Newly married and other never miss visiting his point its sady retreat.

King Edward Point: It oresent beautiful sunset scence.

Louisa Point: One of the hilock on this point is called 'Lion's Head. in rainly season one can obtain beautiful view of splendid water fall down the hill.

Coronation Point: The Point is named of the coronation of Edward VII, King of England.

Monkey Point: As name suggest there where monkeys abounding on that water fall of simpson's tank.

Our Point: Bawa Malang, Chanderi, Monkey point, Panorama point can be seen from this point.

Artist's nook point: This is verygood spot for an artist and situated nnear paymaster park.

Porcupina point: Its shape is like the shape of the quill of poteupine bird. An excellent view of the Chchedral hill cabe obtained from this point. The aborignes of Matheran three classes.

Dhangars, Thakurs and katkaries the dhangar's were original in habitents of matheran. They supplies milk. The Thankura fetch honey and fruits from the jungle. The katkari's are hunters. There language is curroupped from Marathi. Tefolk dance of these tribes is speciality of Matheran.

Madhavji Point: You can obtain an excellent view of Gabut, Khandala and Krjat. One stone road gose down to beautifully delighted and cool place panday picnic place.

Mount Barry: It was named after Captain Barry. You can see a perfect view of neral. Between Panorama Point & Mount Barrythere is Government Hill.

Myra Point: It is situted near the Karsanda Library. In rainy season you can have charming scence of waterfalls.

Garbut Point: A narrow falt gongue of rock runs sounth rising into the peak of sonia Bhivpuri and khandala are also seen one tree hill : There is one jambul tree on the top heance the name one tree hill. From the point a path gose down and is named shivaji ladder.
Lord, Cella and King Georga point : All these are siotuated near he charlotte Lake.

Chowk Point: From this point you can see the broken ranges of sahadri with the clustering villages all around. Marjories look and Belvedere point.These points are on the road of one tree hill.

Echo Point: We get echo of our speak on the landscape.

Land scape Point: It is vicinity of echo point.

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